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5 Insights on Improving Mother-Daughter Relationships

Mother-daughter relationships are diverse and complex. Others talk once a week. Some see each other weekly. Some mothers and daughters are BFFs. Others live in different states or countries. And undoubtedly, there’s a hint of all these things in most relationships. 1. Make the first move Linda Mintle, Ph.D, marriage and family therapist and author […]

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Parenting – Amazing But Not Easy!

Parenting is difficult! Sure you can ask your child’s paediatrician a million questions, read all the parenting books, scout out advice from the veteran moms in your playgroup; but here’s the undeniable fact, every child is different. What one parent, paediatrician, or author might swear by, may not work for your child. This can cause […]

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Know the Language of Love You and Your Partner Share to Strengthen Your Relationship

Love is the most beautiful and yet most complicated feeling of the world which comes along with numerous other emotions which are in an equal proportion of negative ones and also positive ones. It just depends on how both the partners who are in the relationship take this situation and emotion of love. Some of […]

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Express Your Love to Your Partner with these Pretty Personalized Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just four days away, and we are hoping you have reserved all your day for your partner, trying to get all things done so as to nothing comes in-between you and your partner on the beautiful day of togetherness. Gifts are something that comes with Valentines Day, and why not, ain’t we […]

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Thank your Guests at the wedding in this Unique Personalized Way

Since the day one of December, we are being notified with wedding anniversaries of our friends and relatives. December has always been the best of the months for wedding through out the world and why not, it has the most pleasant weather through the year and is a basket full of cheeriness. As we get […]

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Seven Must have Ethnic Accessories for the Wedding Season

As your letter box keeps filling up with numerous wedding invite that are lined up for you to attend, we sure, what will you be wearing is your first and foremost thought. The bling of the Wedding season is hard to escape and its super fun, to come out of our daily western outfits to […]

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Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types

A lot of girls who do not fall in the delusional category of the perfect body type wonder that they just can’t wear any chic party dress and that they will anyway end up looking boring. Fashion is not subjected to only a certain version of body type but for each and everyone of us, […]

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