Day: December 19, 2016


Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types

A lot of girls who do not fall in the delusional category of the perfect body type wonder that they just can’t wear any chic party dress and that they will anyway end up looking boring. Fashion is not subjected to only a certain version of body type but for each and everyone of us, […]

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Take a Breather in-between all the Christmas Chaos

As we were going through our list of friends and relatives whom we are supposed to be gifting, we were so stressed out with the brainstorming and exertion it was creating to our brains. The festival of Christmas is bright, colourful and full of fun, but with everyone being so pumped with the festive mood, […]

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Three Starbucks Christmas Drinks Recipe

One of the branded and cherished Coffee house that are spread world wide have to be Starbucks. They are known for their high-class and friendly service, and hence, people are attracted to it, even if they make us spend a little more than compared to other Baristas. They believe in following the seasonal festive, and […]

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