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A Tutorial to get the Humma Humma Shorts for Your self

The one fashion trend that is been loved by numerous female population is the Bohemian style clothing. Every fashion enthusiast too is also loving the flow of flowers and laces. Bohemian Clothing is basically flowy, loose unlike body-fitted stuff, easy to carry, light weighted and filled with traditional prints or flowers along with laces or […]

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Help Lilly Singh, The “Superwoman” to send Girls to School

Superwoman, if you explore Youtube quite often then you have clearly heard of this name. Lilly Singh is the Youtuber you is hosting her channel under the “Superwoman”, she started the channel some 8 to 9 years ago just for fun, but the girl’s humor was soon liked by her viewers and soon people started […]

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The best beauty looks from the 2015 Met Gala:

Met Gala is known for the latest trend changing stylish, bold and beautiful looks every year. Some of the most promising beauty looks from this year’s events are being mentioned here. Beyonce presented with a super-high side ponytail, which suited her blonde hair perfectly. She coupled the look with a silver eyeshadow, matching her dress […]

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Jennifer Anniston beauty secrets:

Jennifer Anniston is known for her ageless beauty, perfecting hairstyles and the cool style. Some of the secrets that she has shared about herself are: The clothes and shirts which she wears are tailored by her. She keeps them perfectly fitted, showing off her curves. For her all time rocking hairstyles, her hair stylist Christopher […]

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Some serious-big-criminal mistakes by celebrities

Whoever said celebrities do not make mistake is utter BS. Some celebrities have a criminal record while laddering up the stardom tower. Yes, celebrities commit mistakes. After all they are also human. But some of them have committed real big mistakes, rather criminal mistakes. Here is a shocking list of celebrities with a criminal record. […]

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Is that what you call being overwhelmed or having an anxiety attack?

Celebrities are humans, just like you and me. They too feel happy, sad, overwhelmed…get anxiety attack…What? You thought these people do not get any anxiety attack? That they would not suffer from any anxiety disorders? There are a couple of celebrities who go through the anxiety problem. Celebrities are constantly in spotlight. Every single camera […]

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Neymar almost ready to play

While on a promotional trip to Tokyo, the Brazil forward stated that- “It’s all good. My back is improving. It’s almost 100 percent.” The 22-year-old was badly injured during the FIFA World Cup finals, 2014, when he was kicked in the back by the Columbian defender Juan Zuniga. And that was the end of World […]

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Is Neymar really back on training?

One thing that is on the mind of all the Barcelona fans is that will the Brazilian football star, Neymar, be playing in the LaLiga 2014 season. Well, here is a relief as Neymar had his first training ever since the epic knee kick during FIFA World Cup 2014. On the 4th of July, between […]

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