Seven Must have Ethnic Accessories for the Wedding Season


Seven Must have Ethnic Accessories for the Wedding Season

As your letter box keeps filling up with numerous wedding invite that are lined up for you to attend, we sure, what will you be wearing is your first and foremost thought. The bling of the Wedding season is hard to escape and its super fun, to come out of our daily western outfits to get yourself clad in some super chic Indian traditional attire which are otherwise stored in the end of the closet. And it being Winter is an added glory to the wedding festive, since you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining your make up with the sun scorching down you. The winter suns are in fact pleasing to stand under.

Thus, this is the perfect time to get all those heavy cholis and Dupttas out of the closet and start matching the Accessories for them. The Chill weather encourages us to go classy and a little heavy on jewelry at the same time. Since, the atmosphere makes it much easier to hold on to and carry along all the Tam-Jams.

So, Glamrs.com came along to us, seven essential Ethnic Accessories every girl must have to rock those Ghagra Cholis on point.



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