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Do women have stronger ethical business principles than men?

What if women are morally superior to women? Laura Kray, UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business Professor, noticed in her MBA students and discussed recently on NPR, “men tend to have more lenient ethical standards than women.” How will that affect the future of corporate social responsibility? Such potentially shocking findings could prove a significant challenge […]

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Here’s How you can Pump up Some Energy to Walk the Path of Productivity

As much as everyone loves having fun and doing nothing, it can take a serious toll on oneself after a point of time. We have been there when for a long run, we did nothing but loiter around and that really can be harmful to one’s Mental and Physical health. Thus, we strongly believe in […]

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Three Quick Outfit Ideas for the Times when you are Running Late for Work

Laziness is the core mood of the season, and with the late sunrises and cozy cold blankets cuddling you its not to be blamed on you if you wake up late for work more than twice a week. December, in the month of festivities and holidays work is the last thing you want to think […]

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Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types

A lot of girls who do not fall in the delusional category of the perfect body type wonder that they just can’t wear any chic party dress and that they will anyway end up looking boring. Fashion is not subjected to only a certain version of body type but for each and everyone of us, […]

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