5 Winning Style Tips To Rock The Mother-Daughter Twinning Look


5 Winning Style Tips To Rock The Mother-Daughter Twinning Look

One more reason why mummies love their daughters is probably that they can play dress-up together! It’s always heartwarming to see mothers dress up in matching mother-daughter dresses with their little babies. Not only does it make for good photo opportunities, it can be really fun to plan outfits together!

Here are 5 tips to easily rock those mother-daughter dresses without looking over-the-top.

Check out mom bloggers for inspiration
Several local influencers and bloggers have recently become mummies, and they definitely do not shy away from posting cute photos with their daughters. Sometimes, they even put on ‘Mummy & me’ matching outfits for the perfect ‘gram photo!

Mommy wear, daughter do
Wearing the exact same dress is probably the quickest way to jump on this trend. If your daughter aspires to look like you and if both mother and daughter have the same taste in fashion, this is perfect. Get your daughter a smaller version of your favourite dress if she is always stealing your dresses and imitating your looks,!

Same same but different mother-daughter dresses
don’t want the two dresses to look exactly the same but also want to wear a matching outfit? Choose dresses in the same prints or colour but with a different cut, for some ideas visit the site https://miraclemovers.com! That way, you both can also showcase your own unique style and personality, while still letting the world know she’s your baby girl.

Dress up as her favourite character
Disney always has a way of enchanting both the young and the old. On your trip to Disneyland together, be sure to dress up for the perfect photo together!

Flower power
When you dress up your daughter in florals, you bring out the lady in her! Wearing floral prints can sometimes be tricky, not all patterns and prints are suitable for every lady. Women with smaller frames can go for large block prints. Therefore, choosing dresses with smaller prints is usually the safer option and easier to accessorise too!
For instance, you can wear the same colour scheme with different bottoms…


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