Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types


Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types

A lot of girls who do not fall in the delusional category of the perfect body type wonder that they just can’t wear any chic party dress and that they will anyway end up looking boring. Fashion is not subjected to only a certain version of body type but for each and everyone of us, all you need to know and do is know body, what type of body you have, what shape it is, what are your attractive parts and which are not. Every girl has it in her to look beautiful inspite of the stereotypical body type, all she needs to know is to have confidence in your outfit and also the confidence to carry it.

All of us are surrounded by various types of bodies, which are not distinguished under only two types i.e. Fat and slim. Everybody has so much in them that is different from others. So Chriselle Lim, here shares with us outfit ideas for various body types along with her colleagues and work place partners, who like us carry different type of body and are gonna describe their outfit along with their body type.



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