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Cheat Sheet for Looking Expensive Without Spending Expensively

We all watch television, read magazines showcasing, girls and actresses wearing clothes that are so stylish and rich in their looks and later go through a melt down about never being able to buy and wear such things which are too expensive to suit your pocket. Well, guess what the expensiveness of any outfit doesn’t […]

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Ten Ways in Which Coconut can be Used for the Betterment of Our Skin

Coconut is a fruit which belongs with the Cocos nucifera palm. This mature nut is a standout amongst the most utilized fixings in the kitchens of India. Many coconut species are discovered all over India and its taste differs as indicated by its soil alkalinity. Its external part is of green in shading which turns […]

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Five Types of Jackets every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

Consider it the punctuation in personal style or the perfect end to many sartorial stories. The right jacket solves nearly all wardrobe conundrums and more often than not makes a look. Regardless of the time of year, jackets and blazers are indispensable pieces in your wardrobe. We have singled out four timeless models of jackets […]

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Convert your Ethnic Jewelry into Hair accessories for the Upcoming Weddings

Gone are the days where you worn heavy jewelry all over your body, heavy necklaces, heavy earrings, heavy sets of bangles and going all the way overboard in the name of the wedding event. We aren’t insulting the old trend, it looked beautiful, and even today done it still does. But whats working the best […]

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