Here’s How you can Pump up Some Energy to Walk the Path of Productivity


Here’s How you can Pump up Some Energy to Walk the Path of Productivity

As much as everyone loves having fun and doing nothing, it can take a serious toll on oneself after a point of time. We have been there when for a long run, we did nothing but loiter around and that really can be harmful to one’s Mental and Physical health. Thus, we strongly believe in the saying, “An Idle is a Devil Workshop”


Putting yourself to work is a real good exercise for your mind and body, it keeps you moving and also doesn’t desserts you with thoughts of negativity that might be surrounding you. The term productive is very closely connected with the term Routine. At the first acknowledge of the term Routine, everyone pronounces it as Boring, but the fact is it’s completely in our hands how to not make a Routine boring to ourselves.

People who have successfully been following productivity in their daily life, believe in the potentiality of having a Morning routine, or a routine to follow daily before and after your bed time, considering for some people Night is the time when they are in their best version. Thus, a daily routine for the start of your day and for it’s end lets your body set a pattern and the knowledge of when you need to release yourself of the work and when you need to start with it.

The age old, to-do list technique, journaling or tracking your activities can never be missed out on, almost 80% of the population agrees to it, yet only 50% pursues it in actual senses. Thus, the constant reminders of following the listing pattern are bombarded upon you every time you look for productivity.

When we are sulking over something, and finally decide on getting things right the way they need to be, we usually try to go big on the first step itself, almost failing it and yet disappointing ourselves in the process and thus ending up stepping back yet again. Remember to start small, give yourself the time and pattern to get accustomed to bigger tasks, take it like the school steps.

All these steps, are the general classic methods that everyone is always going to tell you, but, everyone is different and to know your streak of energy and motivation, you need to know your own self. Take some time alone with a pen and a book, pen down everything you can think of about yourself, analysis them, work yourself through your weaknesses and strengthens and if later the confusion on certain subject persists then head over to take help from someone experienced or the internet.

In the end, take notable breaks from time to time, but avoid using those breaks to indulge in surfing the internet or social media, because those have the power to destroy the most determined of the people. Always set a sufficient time for your time with the internet and social media. Finally, whatever you do, do it for your own self, not for anyone else or to impress someone.

Here, is a little motivation and a summary on how to motivate yourself to stay Productive in times when you go weak, though always embrace those times, since you are just human, and down times come in everyone’s path, it’s just important to not just stay stuck in that pothole forever.



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