Take a Breather in-between all the Christmas Chaos


Take a Breather in-between all the Christmas Chaos

As we were going through our list of friends and relatives whom we are supposed to be gifting, we were so stressed out with the brainstorming and exertion it was creating to our brains. The festival of Christmas is bright, colourful and full of fun, but with everyone being so pumped with the festive mood, sometimes too much happiness can also stress out your mind and body. Christmas starts on the 25th of December, but most of us are all prepped up since the 1st of December, but as the days past, we are going to have the reality check, wherein we are supposed to go to work, and all the stress of work is not going to let us enjoy the whole month in the festive mood, as we find our friends enjoying it to the fullest through their daily posts on Instagram and Facebook.
All this chaos along with decisions to make of outfits for the parties, arranging gifts for everyone and also meeting all your close ones without making two appointments at the same time, can get over our head. Thus, Ingrid Nilsen shares with us, how to burst the Stress off your mind and take a moment to yourself and accept the reality.



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