Lose weight by speeding your metabolism


Lose weight by speeding your metabolism

women weight loss tips-METABOLISM
Getting up early in the morning just for some exercise is devastating. Who likes it? Nobody! Rather, in that extra hour we would end up in the cozy comfortable bed. But this way you cannot even drop one pound. But a little change in the lifestyle and eating habit can work well. Did you know that if you have a good speeding metabolism, you are less likely to add weight.

Do you also know that if you exercise in the morning, you speed up your metabolism? Exercising the morning helps in burning down some calories and makes you feel fresh and healthy throughout the day. And when you feel sleepy or you are least active, that is the time when you start storing up those fats. When you are less active you lose on the energy level. So, yes, start your day with exercise. Its in your hand to stay fit or fat. That extra one hour in your cozy comfortable bed will give you some really nice peaceful sleep, but then there will be no weight loss. So get up and lose weight!

The more you are active the more is your metabolism. So do some high bursting workouts every few minutes. Dancing or doing aerobics is also good. Try adding interval training in your daily exercise. When you do interval training, you are more likely to burn fats and speed up your metabolism. This is the best way to trick in to speed up your metabolism.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. The apple also helps in speed up the metabolism. So early morning have an apple. Apples are high in pectin. Now this pectin is said to be a metabolism booster. Bite an apple just right before exercise. This will boost up some energy and will make you feel less hungry.
You must have heard this infinite number of times, but here again- drink lots of water. In fact in the morning, drink two glasses of water. This will help you to get rid of the toxins from the system. And the regular story, daily 12 glasses of water. Many of us prefer having a smoothie in the morning fro breakfast. Instead of just a smoothie, make a green smoothie. Any green colored smoothie will help you in speeding up the metabolism. You could also add some coconut water or fruits into it with a dust of protein powder. Have it after your morning exercise. This one glass is all the fuel you need to have a kick start morning.

It is very important to have a willpower and confidence in yourself. A positive attitude and right willpower can do wonders. Just remember to begin your day with a positive attitude. A sweet smile, positiveness and confidence will help you lose weight.


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