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One Little Black Dress and seven Outfit Look-books

All those who weren’t prepped for Christmas since the 1st of December, are finally getting into the mood of the Christmas festivities. The festivity means a lot of meeting ups with long lost friends and other dear close friends and relatives, ultimately a lot of parties, and with so much gifting in the season for […]

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Drinking Water at these Hours is Crucial & Beneficial to your Body

We can never really add on to the benefits of Water, it is known to all of us since our childhood, the never ending fundamentals of water, and all of them are undeniably true. It has always been advised to us to take ample amount of water intake daily. But, we are about to share […]

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Nail Art Design to wear for the upcoming Christmas Or New Year’s Eve Party

Nail art has been an up roaring fashion trend for more than a year or two now, and with passing time so much variations and new technology has been emerging this business. The fashion trend is a business unit now, with so many exclusive Nail art being available in our nearest reach. The little inch […]

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Christmas Holiday’s Outfit Look-books for various Body Types

A lot of girls who do not fall in the delusional category of the perfect body type wonder that they just can’t wear any chic party dress and that they will anyway end up looking boring. Fashion is not subjected to only a certain version of body type but for each and everyone of us, […]

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