No more of Japanese Super News: Cristiano Ronaldo


No more of Japanese Super News: Cristiano Ronaldo

It was a day’s workout for the Portugal’s football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, during his stay in Japan. Ronaldo flew to Japan to appear on Japanese TV news show called Super News. It was the 12 long minutes that made the Real Madrid star curse his publicists for getting him on that show.
The show was entirely occupied on studying Ronaldo’s six pack abs along with some really weird facial equipments. The 12 minute video turned out to be stressful for Ronaldo. The world knows that his English is not so very perfect. And it turned out to be that only one of the five hosts of the Japanese show knew English.

What appears to be is that it is really difficult to find a Portuguese- Japanese translator. So they tried doing the interview in English. Sadly, only Ronaldo and the Portuguese- Japanese translator spoke a little of known English. But that was not it. There continued to be 12 minute long weirdness. Yes, it started with Ronaldo’s grand entrance. Boy, it was not at all awe-inspiring. The producers made him take a regular stroll. The star started with his cool walk and with plenty of high fives in the air from the employees at the news house.

So the Japanese have a tradition of handing a flower bouquet to the guest of the hour. It is not something extraordinarily beautiful or luxurious, but just some bunch of sunflowers together. Ronaldo simply joked around by tossing the flower bouquet, but then kept it away pretty decently. Yes, some 3 minutes they talked of his six pack abs wherein Ronaldo seriously looked embarrassed. And then it seems that the embarrassment continued on forever.

However, the worst was the translation issue. The host asked him, “Do you have any special way to refresh yourself when you change your mind?” and this was Ronaldo’s reaction to it, “What you…I don’t understand…” so the host asked him the second time which goes this way, “Like, how do you refresh yourself when you change your mind? Is there anything special?” and Ronaldo was blank!
For all those who want to know what happened in the end? Yes, he did survive the awkward 12 minute long interview.


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