Get your carb meter low with healthy breakfast


Get your carb meter low with healthy breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But having the right food for breakfast is also important. Simply following the logic of breakfast, important meal of the day and then eating a burger on the go is not applicable. A healthy breakfast is what one needs to have for a kick start morning. Here are some good substitutions that you can try for breakfast. These substitutions are low in carbs and therefore you need not worry over putting on weight.

Some people just have a cup of healthy smoothie on the go in the morning. To make your healthy smoothie even more healthy you could add half a cup of fruit. Any fruit of your choice but make sure it is less in sugar. Try adding a blend of cucumber, spinach and dust some coco powder to the smoothie for your sweet tooth. While some people prefer starting their day with a bowl of oatmeal. So if you want to shed some pounds, instead of half a bowl of oatmeal, try ¼ bowl of oatmeal and try cooking them with some egg whites and almond milk. This will thicken the milk and give you a boost of protein.

The benefits of vegetables are known to us. So you should add at least one vegetables to your morning breakfast. It may sound weird and may taste gross but adding some leafy green vegetables in the smoothie or some asparagus in the egg. Vegetables are high in fiber and it helps in lowering your blood sugar level. This then controls the insulin urges that cause to gain weight.

Eggs are also low in carbs. Some people do not to have an whole egg. In such case you can use only the whites by using them in the smoothie or add them in the otameal. Yes, they are tasteless but they are rich in protein and they help in reducing the sugar cravings. You can get ready made protein powders easily in the market. These powders are less in carb. Make sure you do not fall for the duplicate ones. See that the powder is free from sugar, or any artificial ingredients and fats. The protein powder could be added to the smoothie or dust it in oatmeal bowl. Also for muffins and cakes, rather than going for refined sugar you could use the protein powder.

Limit yourself to only a cup of coffee. Just a cup of coffee improves insulin, but a few cups can increase the levels of sugar. So if you want stick to only one cup of coffee or switch to green tea. And the easiest tricks to have low carb consumption, give up on sweet creams and sugar. Start switching on unsweetened coconut or almond milk in coffee instead of cream. This is not difficult or impossible. These are very easy to adapt and live by substitutions. So, now no need to check your calorie meter everytime you eat something.


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