Who is Ian Somerhalder dating?


Who is Ian Somerhalder dating?

On a nice Sunday afternoon, at the farmers market in LA, Ian Somerhalder was seen getting all sweet and affectionate with Nikki Reed. The couple out together in casuals created a buzz that they might be dating. While Nikki was busy shopping from the locals, Somerhalder was seen placing his hand on her neck and kissing her head. Also another click was of Ian resting his chin on her neck and wrapping his arms around the gorgeous Reed.

After a little of shopping around the corner, Ian and Nikki met up an old friend in the area. Previously Ian was dating Nina Dobrev, his Vampire Diaries co star. They called it off during 2013 May. And it was around the same time when Nikki divorced her husband Paul McDonald. Surprisingly, all these stars were friends before either of their breakups.

Somehow it seems that Ian’s ex, Nina is not taking this too well. The Vampire Diaries star posted a poem on Instagram: “I give, You take. I break, You fake. PITY, I bleed. You dive in deep. Into my blood. Thick as syrup. Tell me. Are you a mosquito? Ian and Nina were dating secretly for almost three years and now he is seen flaunting his romance wide open on the streets of LA with Reed. She further tweeted saying: A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool.

Nina came to know of Ian dating Reed through the tabloids just like the rest of the world.


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