Day: August 28, 2019


DIY Beauty Tips For Common Skin Problems

Aging Aging is unavoidable and with increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity, making those wrinkles prominent and giving your age away. But, some people just don’t look their age. Wondering what’s their secret? Keep fit and follow a good diet. It is very simple! Avoid habits like smoking. They make your skin look dull, […]

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4 Do-It-Yourself Face Masks

Want to add life and glow back to your skin? These DIY face masks are the best solution! 1. Avocado Mask Scoop out the avocado and mash it. Add one tablespoon of plain yogurt and/or honey to it and mix well to form a consistent mixture. Apply on face, avoiding the eyes. 2. Honey Mask […]

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