Know what your Hairstyle says about your Mood


Know what your Hairstyle says about your Mood

A girl goes through various moods and emotions through her daily life, sometimes she might openly express it by her expressions, gestures and communication, but then there are times when she keeps it within her, suppressing the emotions for various reasons, maybe she is too messed up maybe she doesn’t feel its the right time to express her emotions, or something else. But, all we girls have this unconscious conscious in us, that keeps emitting our emotions through some or the other ways.

The Art of understanding body language is the most exciting and difficult art of all. It can be so powerful and useful in knowing someone. Its always said,our gestures reveal what the inside of our mind is playing on about. And similarly, a girl depicts her mood in the way she dresses up and the way she ties her hair.

She may get all dressed up for no reason or occasion at all if she is happy or vice a versa, may hardly take any effort to dress up for the most important of the events of her life if she doesn’t have her heart in it.

Similarly, research says, A girl’s hair also say a lot about her moods, look ahead into the video, if you can elate or to know are you really giving out your internal moods out to the world just by the way you plan to tie your hair.



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