Solutions to never known Fashion Problems- How to get Rid of Static Cling


Solutions to never known Fashion Problems- How to get Rid of Static Cling

We face numerous tiny fashion issues in our regular life, which we tend to ignore or our just plain clueless about its existence. Many times the problems are so minute that we never even claim them as the problems, thus, never looking for any solutions to the same.

We are about to face something similar. We all have worn quite a few satin clothing and love them for their easy feel and lightness that it carries. Carrying a satin clothing is hardly an issue with anyone, unless you are a really sweaty person and wearing satin in scorching heat. But, there is one other situation we all face with satin clothing, which do annoy us, but we all have never given it much of a thought.

We all have for sure have had those awkward moments when our satin tops have strung to our body making it look out of place, that’s because it causes satin material causes eruption of electrical charges when rubbed across the body, thus making it cling to our body. We are sure, now you are like, Oh yeah! You thought there was no solution to that problem, so did we.

But Glamrs.com here shares with us, how to avoid clinging of satin material to our body.



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