Here’s What All Happy Women Have In Common


Here’s What All Happy Women Have In Common

Happiness is the one thing that all every woman desires. But, we spend years in unhealthy relationships, fall for the wrong boys, fantasize about marrying our celebrity crushes and assume no one will intentionally hurt us.

The bottom line is that women continually fight to be happy. But, some women are just happier than others. Wonder why?

Well, truly happy women share some common traits. They don’t treat life as if it is a big competition. These women don’t negatively react to others.

They might even celebrate the successes of their fellow females and empower them. They appreciate others for their hard work. However, they do not compare themselves to others.
They never let jealousy destroy their lives.

Feeling unhappy about your relationship status? Maybe you feel that you are taking longer than your friends are to find your partner. Perhaps you feel devastated that the “puppy love” stage is over. You may feel envious of all of your friends who are getting married as your partner isn’t yet.

These are all huge examples of the “competition mentality”.

Here’s the difference. Happy women do things independently. This makes them feel proud of their successes. They may feel a tinge of envy at times, but they do not let other people’s accomplishments belittle their own.

Understand this: your accomplishments are equally important even though someone else achieved them first or had an easier time. You reached your goals and that’s something you must feel proud of. Simply enjoy focusing on yourselves and pursue your passions.

Life milestones happen for different people at different times. And that’s okay.

There aren’t set timelines to follow. Simply work towards your own dreams and stay happy for your fellow women who are reaching their goals.
You don’t have to care if you are the first or the last in your friend group to land your dream job or enter a serious relationship green apple cleaning md. Just bask in the glory of your own achievements while you celebrate your friends’ just as hard.

It is extremely toxic to treat life like a competition. In the long run, it only hurts you and other people you love, although unintentionally.


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