Early Morning Yoga Balances Your Hormones and Regulates Your Sleep Rhythm
By making yoga a daily morning practice, your body becomes accustomed to getting up at the same time every day. This means you will wake up feeling more alert and energized. While practicing yoga, meditation, attention to breathing, and Asana have a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term maintenance of the body. The endocrine system uses hormones and glands to keep your system balanced. For example, a few yoga poses stimulate the pineal gland which excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns. As you regulate your circadian sleep cycles, the feeling of confusion upon awakening from sleep, which happens due to widely varying sleep times, starts to disappear.

A Wonderful Caffeine Alternative
The specific type of breathing performed during your morning yoga practice stimulates your mind and body. Fresh oxygen helps invigorates the brain and helps it wake up. It can feel like a jolt of caffeine; but unlike the energy boost you feel from coffee or tea, the one from deep pranayama breathing lasts all day long!

Helps Build A Consistent And Healthy Routine
90% of the ones who exercise on a regular basis are morning practitioners. Most of us have busy lives, and our time is priceless. It can be difficult to fit in a yoga class during your busy schedule, and by the evening, or you’re just feeling too tired or certain things come up that prevent you from practicing. Practicing yoga first thing in the morning is tremendously relieving. You tend to increase mental strength into other areas of your life by feeling self-empowered from being disciplined in your routine. Thus, early morning yoga helps build a consistent and healthy routine.

Helps Boosts Metabolism
Early morning yoga practice warms up the digestive system. It helps nutrients flow more easily through the body, causing them to metabolize fats and carbs more quickly looking ac repair inmesa az. Twists can be really amazing for invigorating our vital organs and wringing out the digestive system.


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