Help Lilly Singh, The “Superwoman” to send Girls to School


Help Lilly Singh, The “Superwoman” to send Girls to School

Superwoman, if you explore Youtube quite often then you have clearly heard of this name. Lilly Singh is the Youtuber you is hosting her channel under the “Superwoman”, she started the channel some 8 to 9 years ago just for fun, but the girl’s humor was soon liked by her viewers and soon people started subscribing her, to have a periodic dose of the Superwoman humor.

Lilly Singh currently has more than 10 million subscribers following her, and can be considered as a high level representative of the Youtube community. Through the years, the girl has used her growing fame in so many positive ways by donating to charities and spreading awareness on crucial issues existing in the Human community.

Her current campaign that she has been religiously spreading around through the power of internet is called “Girl Love” which has been expressing through interviewing and collaborating with the iconic and successful women around the globe. Michelle Obama too has been a part of her campaign.

Recently, in September 2016, Lilly had visited Kenya for her campaign to spread the importance of the Female education and to generate funds for the girls in Kenya to get education. Look through the video as The Superwoman explains her experience in Kenya and help her campaign grow.


Happy Independence day Kenya!


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