The Guide to the Undergarments World


The Guide to the Undergarments World

Now, for a lot of shy girls out there this is gonna be quite a bit awkward, but believe me this is informative, a good much needed informative. Undergarments are not something we include in our regular dose of gossip sessions, but there are major part of our closet and knowing them well can’t be argued over.
Your undergarments are what will conceal your private areas and wearing them right will bring out so much out your outfit. Yes, Thank them, because when choosen right they flaunt you to your best without coming to the limelight.
A lot of women wear improper undergarments, they are either a size bigger or smaller than them, or will wear dark undergarments with white or lighter shades of clothes. There are more than just padded and non-padded bras out there and same goes for knickers.
We don’t say to splurge on all of them, but do know about them all and know which all come under your necessity list. Scherezade Shroff shares with us all guiding us through the types, uses and materials and everything in between.



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