Dressing According To The Occasion Is A Wise Decision


Dressing According To The Occasion Is A Wise Decision

We today are so appalled by the theory of “Be You” that we sometimes forget the importance of other things. Don’t get us wrong, Being your own person and being in our element is very essential and rewarding, it boosts are confidence and is always healthy for ourselves. But this is a society we live in which has it’s own segments of moments and occasion which needs to be addressed. A society where we live with other people so we can’t be just thinking about our outlook.

The division made in clothing is there for a reason, we can’t always be donning our own style in every occasion and event. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to explore things out of our comfort. Going against a dress code is nothing so cool or something to be too proud about, we live in a society and it’s always a great idea to mingle up with other even after staying in our element.



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