5 Easy Eggless Cake Recipes


5 Easy Eggless Cake Recipes

Have you been having a bad day? Then you know what can instantly cheer you up – a piece of cake! It holds the power to make everything right, doesn’t it? There’s nothing quite like biting into a light, moist cake with a tender crumb. And if you love baking, then you will know the joy it brings to create sinful treats and make everyone drool over it. Baking is all about picking your favourite ingredients, marrying distinct flavours, melting and beating butter, whisking a smooth batter and of course, watching it rise and turn golden. The best part will always be dressing it up and bringing it all together. Nothing can ever come close to the pleasures of baking.

Eggless Pineapple Pastry
There can be no replacement for the classic pineapple pastry! Sponge cake layered with cream and chopped pineapple, and topped with whipped cream, makes for this rich and smooth pineapple pastry. All of this without egg! There’s no way you can go wrong with this party pastry. This delicate cake is sure to have you hooked.

Eggless Date Cake
This nutty treat with dates and almonds is great when warm and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Dates are nutritious and have high protein and vitamin. They are also rich in iron. A cake made quickly and easily, with dates and absolutely eggless is a sure shot treat without compromising on health. Go on and indulge in this lip-smacking eggless cake without any regrets!

Eggless Cashew and Almond Cake
This is a soft spongy cake studded with cashews and almonds. Sprinkled with grated coconut, this eggless cake is the perfect way to serve your guests along with a cup of tea. You can serve it plain or dress it up with your favourite dressing.

Eggless Vanilla Cake in a Pressure Cooker
Don’t have an oven? No problem! You can make this cake in a pressure cooker. It is as simple as baking it in an oven. Fuss-free, easy and made within an hour, this eggless vanilla cake has a light moist texture and a sweet buttery flavour that makes it apt for celebrating any occasion! Top it with some buttercream frosting for a sinful treat.

Eggless Marble Cake
Those vanilla and chocolate streaks are our favs! This classic tea time treat gets eggless. The good old marble cake made egg-less with vinegar and milk. Its fluffy, moist, tasty and soft texture, with the blend of chocolate and vanilla flavours will make you forget your diet plans.


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