3 DIY Perfume Recipes To Make Your Own Perfume At Home


3 DIY Perfume Recipes To Make Your Own Perfume At Home

Every woman needs an utterly recognizable signature scent of her own. Just a whiff of the best perfumes can be a magical thing. If you’re feeling a bit crafty and creative, then you can even make your own scent. Just use some exciting scents and ingredients from the convenience store to make your very own signature perfume right at home. Here are some unique DIY perfume recipes. These are one of the easiest DIY projects and also make for a super unique homemade gift idea!

DIY Perfume Recipe Using Essential Oils

You will need:
6 tablespoons of vodka (100 proof vodka)
2 tablespoons carrier oil (grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond or anything of your preference)2.5 tablespoons bottled water
A small funnel
Coffee filter
30 drops of essential oil (9 for your top notes, 15 for your middle notes, and 6 for your base notes)
2 clean dark glass bottles with airtight lids

How To Make The Perfume
Pour your preferred carrier oil into one of the glass bottles. Add your base, then the middle, and then the top notes.
Add the alcohol.
Close the lid, and let your perfume sit for a complete 48 hours. Once you’re satisfied with the strength of your perfume, add the water, and shake the bottle vigorously for a minute.
Use your filter and funnel to transfer the scent to the other bottle.

DIY Perfume Recipe Using Flowers

What You Need
1 1/2 cups chopped flowers
2 cups distilled water
A small saucepan
Washed and sterilized, small glass bottle with an airtight stopper
Medium-sized bowl with lid

How To Make The Perfume
Start by gently washing the flower petals and removing all the dirt with water.
Soak the flowers overnight in a cheesecloth-lined bowl and cover it with a lid.
Squeeze the pouch of flowers over a saucepan, and extract the flower-scented water
Simmer over low heat until about a teaspoon of the liquid is left.
Pour cold water into this liquid.
Bottle it up and leave it to set overnight!

DIY Citrus Perfume Recipe

What You Need
30 drops of essential oils – grapefruit, sweet orange, peppermint, and a chamomile/lavender blend
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
1 tablespoon distilled water
2 tablespoons of vodka
Dark glass container
Glass perfume bottle
Small glass container

How To Make The Perfume
Add jojoba oil to the glass container, followed by the alcohol.
Follow this order for your essential oils: base note: 10 drops of grapefruit, middle note: 10 drops of sweet orange, and then 5 drops of peppermint, top note: 5 drops of chamomile/lavender blend or just lavender.
Add distilled water with a dropper
Mix these ingredients well and transfer to a glass container. Let this sit for a minimum of 48 hours, as it suits you.
Once it has reached the desired scent, transfer to a perfume bottle.


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