Day: March 23, 2017


Five Indian Trusted Deodorants Under Rs.500 for this Summer

Deodorants are fundamentally those scent items which are connected to the body to adjust the stench because of bacterial development. Body likewise builds up specific smells through sweat because of the inordinate utilisation of flavours. As also called as Antiperspirants, it assumes a noteworthy part in evacuating the scent connected to the bacterial breakdown of […]

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Two At Home Ways to Make Hair Sprays for All Your Hair Styles

When asked about fashion everyone always co- relates it for the most part with clothes and remaining with footwear and accessories. Hairstyles and haircuts have become the most happening trend of the hour right now. With so many people coloring their hair in all the colors from the color pallet, it’s something really hard to […]

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POPXo Girls Share Five Ways To Team Up Your White Shirt With Traditional Wear

Whites and blacks are the safest of colours of all, be it for any occasion. Together or individually, the colours have always and always graced a the person who wears them anytime and every time. There will be hardly anybody out there to despise these two colours enough to keep them away from their wardrobe. […]

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Three Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles to Doll Up with for all the Summer Parties

Winters are considered as much of the relaxed months of the year with people planning on numerous trips to here and there. The season filled with holidays of Festivities and the end of the year. It’s all chilled out for the most of the part making, all the more making it everyone’s favourite season. While […]

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