Thrift Shopped Items Converted Into Wedding Decor


Thrift Shopped Items Converted Into Wedding Decor

If you do ask us Spring weddings are one of the best kind of weddings and the most beautiful of them all. When we talk spring weddings it’s all about white décor with a shower of all kind of white flowers. While all the flowers bring all the delicateness the raw form of wooden furniture brings in the rustic touch to it.
The on-going throw of three most nature centric colours—Green, White and Brown rises the bunch of fun and the love flowing through the occasion of someone’s togetherness.
Becky Lynne from the Youtube channel ‘The Sorry Girls’ who are loved by us for their numerous Diy project is soon getting married and the DIY lover has taken upon herself to plan all of the décors for her wedding by herself and thus, recently both the girls went off to their regular thrift shop to find things they could use for the wedding décor.
Thus, here in the video, you can see how they converted an original candle holder into envelope holder and a vintage painting frame to lay out the sitting arrangement of the wedding.



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