Popxo Recommends Five Body-Mists That Cost Under Rs.500


Popxo Recommends Five Body-Mists That Cost Under Rs.500

The sweaty season of summer screams for good smell when most of the people around us may be sweating and giving unbearable body odor and we sure don’t wanna be a part of that group of people. Smelling good is a necessity all throughout the year, that’s mandatory deed you do, do for yourselves and the others. But during summer when the sun is harsh and humidity is at it’s finest, making the body excrete more and more sweat, the chances of our perfumes, deodorants or body-mist fading off is pretty much obvious. It’s essential thus to have a habit of spraying yourself after every 4 to 6 hours.

Generally, perfumes and especially deodorants come with a pretty strong essence thus, actually sometimes irritating more rather than providing relief from the odor. Body-mist is usually light in nature and also can be applied on the body directly as they contain zero to a minimum amount of alcohol in them, they are easy on skin and nose and need refreshment every four to five hours.

Here are five Body mist to rely upon which fall under Rs.500 radar.



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