Playing with Basics & Colors to Pump -up Your Work Attire


Playing with Basics & Colors to Pump -up Your Work Attire

Oh! it’s a Monday today. Which means, waking up early and getting dressed for the work. But as you open your closet you see all your regulars and all the mustered up motivation you gave yourself before rolling out of the bed goes completely down the drain again.

Basic Human Psychology states, dressing up is one of the very easy ways to boost oneself for the proceeding event. It freshens us up, and when we like what we see in the mirror of ourselves it motivates us towards the day in a much stronger and positive manner.

The formal dressing has some most common clothing material that is common along all of us, like the black blazer, a waistcoat and obviously the plain white shirt. The is how to spice up the game of your professional look with your existing outfits without making them look like a uniform and boring.

Thus, Lindsay Albanese shares few fashion tips on how to overcome the struggle.



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