Planning to be a working woman? Answers to your dilemma


Planning to be a working woman? Answers to your dilemma

It is frequently observed that when a mom starts working outside home the daily lives and routine of the family changes drastically. The study from majority of researchers has revealed that even though working moms derive pleasure and satisfaction in their day job they still have to look after all the major household chores after returning from work. There are a few pros and cons which must be understood thoroughly in order to take a wise decision.

Women at large believe that they can ignore the stress factor of working outside home when they get to fulfill their career ambitions. Though not everyone would be lucky enough to get a job which fulfills her expectations. Today,a woman wants to be independent financially,be creative,productive and helpful to others. They are ready to accept challenges and perform to the best of their potential. This strong determination acts as a motivation factor among all working women.

Alongside, the extra income inflow in the family is always welcomed.It has also become difficult to run a household on a single-person’s income. The expenses range from household to car expenses, educational,utilities,taxes, medical etc. Thus in such situations two earning members in a family has become a necessity rather than surplus.

The most important challenge in-front of working women is that she is hardly left with anytime to relax and take rest. At the end of the day she is burned-out and dead tired and has to then compromise on her relationships with family members. It is observed that in a family where both the partners are working can hardly spend quality time with each other. This may give birth to complexities in a relationship and thereby weakening it. Marital tension may also mount if a women feels that she is contributing more to the home then her part and starts expecting the same from her husband. It also becomes difficult to build a bond with children while you spent spent majority of your day working and the rest in completing the household chores. Keeping the exceptions aside, if at all possible, it’s best if mothers can stay home with their children when they are babies and preschoolers.

Striking a balance:
On considering the major pro’s and con’s, each family has to make their own decision depending on the impact it may have on one’s family. What work’s for one woman may go completely Topsy-turvy in other’s case. On a concluding note, not even a “Superwoman” types can’t frankly do it all. The closest can be to give your best to have a successful career without compromising on the family duties. Though it is difficult to do so, it can be achieved through support and co-operation from your partner.

With time becoming money and family expenses escalating it is very important to streamline your priorities and take wise and correct decisions. The vision should not be limited for a short period of time.


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