How to get the Trendy Glittery Eye Makeup Look


How to get the Trendy Glittery Eye Makeup Look

Glitter is usually said to be a close friend of every girl. If you are one of the girls from the Glitter Squad, then you surely might know about the current trend of Glitter Eye Makeup having a come back again. From the Red carpets and runways to an everyday look, its influencing every girls makeup look these days. How much Glittery you want to be today is up to you and the events of your day. Let no one tell you that Glitter eye makeup cannot be worn for a casual day. But at the same time, be sure to stick to stay subtle for an everyday look, since the glitter can come up too strong for a general hangout or Work day. For days like this, applying a little hint of glitter eye lids is enough to get the desired look.

But, if you are getting ready for a party night or an evening wedding occasion then you can let yourself loose. And for that Popxo is here to help. Watch on to take a tutorial.



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