Grace the Haldi Ceremony with these Beautifully Gajra Woven Hairstyles


Grace the Haldi Ceremony with these Beautifully Gajra Woven Hairstyles

With full fledged Big Fat Indian Wedding becoming more and more common among all the general public and not being some euphoria only rich people dream and plan off, the Every Indian Rituals and occasions concerned have made a full blown come back. Weddings are now back to the old times versions of full week or more long events with the touch of modernization and richness to them. Gone are the days of just a two day event weddings.

With so much of Shenanigans, every function and ritual is taken super seriously in all terms including decor, guest lists, attire, make up and Hairstyles. They are no more the days only focused on Bride and Groom but everyone have their own joyousness and reasons to dress up in heart and out for the days.

One such function includes the Haldi rasam, which takes place just a day before the wedding, where in Groom & Bride are smothered with Haldi through out their body by all the guests just to enhance their Beauty for the D Day. Since the arrival of Big fat Indian Weddings, the staples of this functions include Yellow Attire with reference to Haldi and Flowers and Gajras to spread the fragrance of the occasion.

Thus, here are some easy Hairstyle to wear your Gajra graciously for the next wedding you are about to attend.



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