Five Outfit Ideas To Play Around A Shacket


Five Outfit Ideas To Play Around A Shacket

In fashion, no cloth is designated to one role, if it was that it’s a past story, times have changed today, and no piece of garment is dedicated to just one single role. It’s in the hands of the bearer how he or she likes to wear it.

Wearing one top the same ways with same bottoms always, obviously makes it boring and thus, we end up with our beloved misery of claiming we have nothing to wear even as we stand to wonder in front of a closet full of clothes. To make a complete use of a garment it’s important you experiment with it play around with it by pairing it with different articles of clothing.

Here, in this one, Miss Malini’s team has put together five outfit ideas to rock a Shacket, which if you too like are new to the term for Shirts which we use as Jackets rather than Shirts. Yes, remember all your Plaids!



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