Easy and Quick way to make your Own Lapel Pins


Easy and Quick way to make your Own Lapel Pins

If you are into fashion, and binge follow on all magazines and fashion channels than you may be even more geekier than us on the current trending fashion statements. Jewelry for your neck, feet, ears and legs has been forever in fashion with a variety of evolution coming along through the years. But, jewelry such as lapel pins, Brooches was always considered as the products of Male coats only. But with the lightening of the line drawn between the genders, the fashion code is also changing. Infact we would say, the Fashion world plays a very major role in this increasing change.

With the quirkiness spreading around in the air, the Lapel pins have come up in comic fashion. The fashion world is going funky with turning plain and dull dresses, shirts or any clothing materials with just using lapel pins which brings out so much character in your outfits. But these, lapel pins or Brooches aren’t still available everywhere, and where they are, they can cost you quite some of your pocket, and it hurts at times to spend so much on things that are so small in size.

Thus, Larissa D’sa brings us, the easy way out to follow the fashion in this super cheap way.

Watch the video to know how to make your own lapel pins.



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