Beauty Doesn’t requires Makeup


Beauty Doesn’t requires Makeup

Beautiful, is a compliment and a word that every one of us yearns to hear from our friends and acquaintance, quite a lot of us receive it, and many not. Which assists to the feeling of self-consciousness, doubting of oneself and dropping of one’s confidence. We as a society have been giving so much importance to looks and one’s physical appearance, that more and more of us are turning over to Makeup to hide behind the mask of it. Makeup was brought in to accelerate one’s looks for occasions and important events and in general. But, the ideology the society has moulded itself around with has made the populous to hide behind the mask of make-up loathed masks, in which one forgetting their originality.

So here is a little advice and few methods to make yourself look better and put together without the need of those fancy and unnecessary makeup products.


The simple trick is to just take care of yourself and the skin!


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