Beat the Monday Blues in Style


Beat the Monday Blues in Style

We all have to admit every one of us at some point is bored of our daily dull office wear. Those plain subtle colors and those same shirts and pants outfit just adds up to many reasons we give ourselves to not go to work.

So, we got you some ideas on how to make it exciting to dress up for work. You could be working in any field and these all will be still within the general parameters of the office attire look.

So get ready to see some formal yet chic looks to try on to make working a bit more bearable.

  1.  Team up your Greys with some light color consisting of light pattern going around the shirt, the pattern egives some magic to your greys and makes the whole attire catchy.
  2.  Wear a plain white shirt with some dark bright poppy color bottoms. Accessorize the look with some layered necklaces or some heavy collared choker or like-wise.
  3. Wear a midi dress which has a plain simple look to it, here try and keep the look subtle by not working hard on accessories. You could simply wear some bracelets or a chunky watch and you are good to go.
  4.  Go Monotone, but with the tint of fashion to it. Jailer pants are good way to carry a Monotone look in a classy way, team them up with a white top with light presences of black in it. Go easy on accessories here again as the jailer pants take all the attention of the looker.
  5.  Lastly try some plain formal jumpsuits and with a little pop of color to them with your accessories, belt or with a dark lip color maybe.

Remember, an outfit is only complete when you dress it up head to toe. Meaning, pay attention on all the parts.
Changes in hairstyle, accessorizing the outfit the right way, wearing the right footwear with the attire. Keep a variety of three to four bags to go with any formal or semi-formal attire. Always remember the color of bag is going to make an effect on the whole attire too.The color of your lips also plays a good role in bringing your attire together.
Go ahead and don’t let those Monday blues come to you.


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