Yoga asana to lose weight


Yoga asana to lose weight

Yoga Asana for Weight Loss
Hey! Have you already everything to lose weight, but disappointed? Well, I am pretty sure; you will not have tried yoga yet! Yoga is a very ancient practice and very effective in weight management as well. Do give this post a read and know more about yoga asana that helps you to lose weight!

  • Paschimottanasana:

    If you want to lose weight early and want tone belly then this yoga asana is the best asana. For this asana, sit down on the floor with straight back and legs extended forward in the front. Hold this position for a minute then stretch your arms as well as hands forward then try to touch your toes. Make sure your knees should not bend while touching toes. This asana is one of the best asana for arms, hands and for the spine as well.

  • Tadasana:

    Another name for this asana is Mountain Pose. This asana is very effective to lose weight. This asana is quite easy and simple to perform. For this asana, stand straight on a mat and stretch your hands up in the air as much as possible. Hold this position for few minutes then get back to your original. Do this asana again. Make sure, your hand should be straight and do not bend in mountain pose. This pose gives massage to the spine, hands and also to the entire body.

  • Vakrasana:

    Another popular yoga asana to lose weight is vakrasana. This asana is very effective, yet simple to perform. In this asana, you have to sit in a crossed-leg position. Once you are comfortable with your position, keep your left hand on the right knee and twist body in the right direction. Always make sure your posture should always be straight while performing this asana. Go for this asana with your right hand and perform the same procedure.

  • Setu Bandh:

    This asana is also known as bridge pose. This asana is best to lose extra on thighs. In this asana, lie straight on the floor and bend knees in a position so that rest feet on the floor. Always keep in mind the distance between the buttocks and feet should always be the same as that of your hands. Once you are comfortable with your position, move your body to the upward position. Do this for 6 to 8 times and then release. Go for this asana daily and experience amazing results!

Hope, you are clear with all the asana if not you can always check Red Truck Fire & Safety Company for another topic that may interest you. Perform all these simple and easy asana regularly and have a healthy and balanced weight!


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