How to manage your career ambitions and love life


How to manage your career ambitions and love life

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Centuries withered away and with that withered away the rigid thinkings of people towards women education and career. Women stands equally with men in all spheres of life. Educating girls became the important priority of all .And then became the main concern of women about their career after marriage and babies. The struggle in this matter is long lasting but sill women manages to carry on. After marriage a women can easily handle work and home, but after having a child it becomes very difficult.After facing too much of dilemma many women opt to put their child in the hands of day care and think about their work and career. Its fine till your child is 5 years old, maybe he is raised by baby care centers, but have you ever gone through the side effects which takes birth along with it?

Here is a list of things you can do:

  1. Women should have a healthy talk with her kid: Women should never take her small baby about 5-6 years of age for granted or lightly. Small kids too have feelings which they cant speak through words, but they do store in their small mind and beautiful mind which they need to express with their mom. This is the age, when a kid needs her mom the most. Talk with them, in their language and make them understand the situation and your liking for work.
  2. Go for part time jobs priorly: When you know that your babies need your care and love and your friendship, then best step is working from home or picking up a part time job. This step will make your life comfortable and easy to manage with stress free life.
  3. Don’t make your career choice so stressful: When a woman is selecting career and job as her ambition it is good, but she should keep in mind that it does not affect her personal life with her husband and family. The load of career and job can make your life stressful. It can also create small problems like fights for petty issues.
  4. Health issues: Keep in mind before choosing a job or career, if its affecting your health or not. As it is said famously ‘health is wealth’ make sure that you do not compromise on your health while fulfilling your career ambitions.
  5. Career options: There are many career options that a woman can take up even after marriage and also after having a child. Career doesn’t mean that a woman goes out to office and work, but there are many scopes that are open to work from home also that a woman can enjoy,earn more. If you are serious for spending time with your kid and even want to manage work then Fashion designing, interior designing, play schools, jewellery designing etc are good career options which every woman can do. Don’t think that this all work is of low calibre, but this work and career options can give you prestige, a space in society and a vast scope to earn and manage your own life.

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