The unexpected workout tricks

The unexpected workout tricks

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Workout is really boring. You have to take extra effort and time for workout. Why do we even opt for a workout? Yeah, right! Want to lose weight, stay fit and so on. We also try to brighten and lighten the workout by pumping in the best music or emotionally forcing a friend to enroll in the same gym. Boy, that is quite a task in hand no? But how about if you discovered a new way of working out without actually hitting the gym?

What if you know that you can do a little workout while brushing? Yes my friend, that so possible. Instead while brushing lazily near the sink and cursing the alarm for ringing, stand against the wall, but make sure that your legs are extended about two feet from the wall. Then slowly start bending your knees down the wall more like you are in a seated position. See what you have to do is, stay like that for about 30 seconds then rise up. Take a tiny break. Do that again. 2-3 minutes of this exercise is about okay for the day. This will nicely tone your butt and legs that too in a short time. But it is important that your back is flatten on the wall or it may result in something else.

Did you know that studying in motion can also be a workout? Take the books for a walk with you or else while you are running on the treadmill, read. This is more like a cardio exercise. It will increase the blood flow to the brain and that is how it will help you memorize what you are reading. All you have to be sure of is that you don’t trip off. All the nerds are going to love this workout trick!

The next time you see a commercial coming in between your favorite show do not sit there staring at the wall, rather get up and do the mini workout. All you have to do is stand up with arms over head but hold the remote control in between both the hands. Then start bending to your right with lifting your left leg from the ground. Then bend to your left with lifting your right leg from the ground. Keep on doing so until your show is back. This is like a whole body workout and will help in toning up your abs and legs.

Okay this is like the best workout for abs and the best part of this workout is that no one will notice that you are doing something like as follows. So you like sitting in your office. Just taking a break from the cut-cut keypad. Now sit up straight and squeeze your abs tightly. Hold for about 30 seconds. Repeat it for about four times. Do this thrice a week and there you will have the six pack abs that you have been dying to get.

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