Indian Salty and Spicy Version of English Pancakes

Indian Salty and Spicy Version of English Pancakes

Having a breakfast every single morning is essential and that we have known about for quite a while now. It’s one of the health tips shared with us on every given chance. Having English breakfast or the Indian version of it is your choice, as both are healthy in their own best way. Some prefer to go on with English breakfast with the various sweetness involved on the platter while some who prefer spices and saltiness more over the sweetness go in for Indian version of Healthy breakfast.

Here, we are a bunch of people are a fan of Pancake on any given day, but times come when we miss the spice and saltiness of the Indian food dishes, that’s when we started searching for Salty yet Healthy substitute to the maple coated pancakes.

This is a recipe for Cucumber Pancakes shared by Tarla Dalal Youtube Channel one of the very famous Chefs of India. The key ingredients to the recipe include as the name suggests Cucumber, Rice Flour, Spinach and Curd which all sum up to a healthy and easy mixture of Pancake backed with other Indian Masalas and Salt to taste.

Here, Watch on to see how easy and quick the recipe is to fit in the early morning busy schedule of yours.


Happy Pancakes Day!!

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