For that extra little muscle

For that extra little muscle

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What do you think that only bodybuilders have muscles? Yes a little muscle on the body will look good. Also did you know that having or developing muscles helps in increasing your metabolism. How come? Muscles burns fat and therefore increases the metabolism rate. Also if you have muscles, your bones would be stronger than the ones who do not have muscles. They prevent bone fractures. Also they help in keeping the body lean and well toned. Here are some ways in which you can gain muscles.

Start gaining muscles by eating protein. Try consuming a good amount of protein with each meal. Proteins help in preventing catabolism of muscle and builds lean muscle mass. Try not going for animal based protein as they are inflammatory. If consumed, they make it very hard on the body process. So you could consume some veggies, whole grains, leafy greens, seeds and beans.

Also it is good if you start strength training. Strength training helps in building muscle and avoids the loss of muscle. Also ask your gym trainer for details like if you lift some weight how much muscle will you possibly gain and so on. You should go for lighter weights to ton the muscles whereas you should lift heavy weight to for that bulking up look.

Enough sleep, about eight hours, is necessary. If you do not get enough sleep, your muscles will start to break down. While sleeping, the muscle fibers repair and grow which then makes you ready for the next days workout.

Now since you are looking for some building up muscles, make sure you do the lifts after you are done with your cardio. The reason for this is that the cardio helps in breaking down muscle fibers. Also other exercises like running, yoga, walking are great way of gaining muscles. They make the lean muscle subtler and makes you flexible. They also avoid the any bone fractures.

Just like protein is important for gaining muscle, calcium is also important for muscle repair and muscle growth. Start drinking cow milk for better result. Almonds, spinach, nuts, leafy vegetable and seeds are good source of calcium.

It is very important for you too eat the right things in right quantity after work outs. So make sure you follow a strict diet for better muscles.

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