Two DIY Ways To make a Bullet Journal of Your Own


Two DIY Ways To make a Bullet Journal of Your Own

With the steady empowerment in every genre of the world for each and everyone, everyone is forever busy and time management and managing your life and days are the key to achieving your daily and long-term goals. The concept of Bullet journal isn’t a recent event or very new but was under the sublime since long. But with the Youtube Videos of the ardent followers of it and Instagram communities being formed, there has been widespread in its acknowledgement by many.

Bullet Journal is a system of tracking things, listing of To-do’s, Planner and Reminder along with Diary feel to it to keep your thoughts, work and everything in front of you on paper to be clear and free of worries of missing out on appointments and while making sure for your development in every section of your life with tracking and managing everything in just one book.

There specified Bullet Journal available in the market which may seem too formal for some kinds and hence to personal, fun and relatable many make it of their own with numerous splash of colours. Here’s how you can make one of your own to pick up the notch of personalization.



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