Things to be Grateful for this Thanksgiving!


Things to be Grateful for this Thanksgiving!

As the country of America celebrates their traditional festivity of “Thanksgiving”, festive as the name summons to being grateful to all that you are treasured with love, family, friends, health and the resources. We are step back from we were just doing to look back at ourselves and take the stride of the day by celebrating atleast by ourselves by being grateful to all that we have in our reach today, which we generally take for granted, If not with a lavish meal of turkey spread on our table.

Traditionally, the birth of a girl child wasn’t celebrated ever as enthusiastically as the birth of a boy, and in various regions of the world, the situation still persists. But, if you look back to the time, all we females out there should be proud and grateful to be born and present in this era. Though not everything is fixed and the world & the humankind still needs a lot of preaching to simply respect and equallify Men and Women, a lot has changed in the last decades itself, there are has been a slow and steady change in the mentality of a large portion of people.

Thus, we sat down with our journals and pens and started to jot down the things we are grateful slash Thankful at this moment in our lives. Following are some of the reasons, which found common to every female kind out there reading this.

  1. Motherhood:-

Yes, though clichéd this was the first thing that popped up in our mind, being a female is a boon that can’t be denied by any man, because some spiritual power or science whatever you believe in chose female body over males to carry and give birth to a new life, to give someone the Opportunity of Life.

2. Emotional Strength:-

As said above, since we were given the power of giving out a new life so were we given the power/strength to be emotionally stronger, however weak the world may call a female, there is going to come the moment that the women is gonna give them back in their face. The stats and science have proven time and again how women are more stronger than men Emotionally and infact physically too.

3. Existence in this generation:-

Be it whatever age you are, take it as a blessing that you are here, in this moment when history is being made and no not by battling wars between national boundaries, but battling of mental boundaries, and the good ones are slowly and steadily winning along the time. This is the time you have the power in you to be change you desire. There is more support to your positive actions out there than you imagining.

4. You are able to Read this (Education):-

Yes, we all know the importance of education, don’t we? Today, access to education isn’t that difficult as it was a decade or two ago. A decent education is what pushes the nerves of your brain to spin around, and question the lethal actions that are taking place in the name of traditions and culture. It gives you the power for your voice to be heard. We are sure you have heard of Malala, 19 and how she younger than us, is going around in the world spreading the message and importance of education to every child inspite of what gender they belong to.

5. Chance to envision a Career:-

Women out there, time and again going out of there, every day proving how we are not just meant to carter to the needs of men and family. Motherhood, with the birth of every new life there is not an end to a women’s life. Female aren’t anymore restricting themselves to living their career till the start of their motherhood. They are out their acquiring every space of the world which was once called as the “Man’s World”.

6. Access to Internet:-

As weird it may sound in here, we need to appreciate the invention of internet by which today we are able share our thoughts across the world like this, enlightening each other in the path of life. Fights to justice are being worn through this internet. People are achieving their life long dreams, and also lives are being saved through this same internet. So, it would be quite ungrateful of us to not appreciate its existence in our lives.

7. Setbacks that pushed us Ahead:-

We all have had our own forms of setbacks, failures and disappointments be it in relations, career or life in general. But, if you look back at them today, you will see that maybe you had been sulking over them for a long period of time back then, but today they have some or the other way brought you where you are in life, teaching along some unforgettable lessons. So, whenever you face such setbacks again in future, always believe in yourself and remember that you can come out of it just like the last time.

8. You:-

Yes, be thankful of who you are, loving your own self is the best giving you gonna do to yourself. Don’t let the stereotypes get you in their trap.

9. Freedom to Vote:-

Yes, just like education is cartering us the power to place our opinion out there for the world to listen and make sense out of it. The freedom and right to vote gives that opinion that extra power for your words to take shape in action.

10. Life:-

And finally, be thankful for the moment you are living in, just simply be grateful of it, it’s hard and too precious to be born in the form of humankind, the most advanced living species on earth. Love your life, and if there is something that you don’t then, it’s time you stand up and fight for what you desire.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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