The Best Wedding Dates for 2019


The Best Wedding Dates for 2019

From Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, 2018 seemed like the year to get hitched. But discount 2019 yet. It is time for soon-to-be newlyweds to consult the calendar and nail down a date. So here is the best and the worst dates for your wedding based on holidays, travel considerations, and even good luck charms so you can start your wedding planning off on the right foot.

Repeat Days
Days with numbers that repeat themselves are a definite way to make your date stand out.
Wednesday January 9, 2019 (1/9/19)
Saturday February 2, 2019 (2/2/19)
Sunday July 7, 2019 (7/7/19)
Sunday September 1, 2019 (9/1/19)
Wednesday October 9, 2019 (10/9/19)
Monday November 11, 2019 (11/11/19)

Palindrome Day
A palindrome is a number or a word that reads the same either forwards or backwards. There are tons of examples of palindrome words–level, mom, kayak–but each calendar year only has one palindrome date. For 2019 that would be September 10, 2019 (9/10/2019)…and if you still can’t see it (9102019).

Saturdays are the most popular day for weddings, mostly because it allows guests time to gather for the big day and requires them to take fewer (if any) days off from work to attend.

Tuesdays are especially auspicious for Jewish weddings. In some Jewish teachings, Tuesday is considered a lucky day because the book of Genesis mentions “and God saw that it was good” twice while referring to Tuesdays.

Due to a poem that says that when it comes to weddings, “Wednesday the best day of all”, Irish tradition holds that Wednesdays are an ideal day for your wedding.

Getting married on a weekday can save a couple a lot of money by avoiding peak prices. So much so that in big cities where weddings are typically more expensive there has been a rise in couples who get married on Thursdays in recent years.


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