Enlarged thyroid symptoms

Enlarged thyroid symptoms

Enlarged Thyroid Symptoms
As we know thyroid gland is located exactly in the front of the neck. Thyroid gland is entirely responsible for converting the food into energy and also for the use of this energy by the body. This gland performs this process by regulating the chemical processes. But, when this thyroid gland enlarged in itself, it results in many problems. This medical condition is also known by the name goiter. The causes for enlarged thyroid are immense. The symptoms are also very common. So, let’s check it out this interesting post and know more about its symptom!

  • Joint Pain: Pains in the muscles and joints are the most common symptoms of enlarged thyroid. Due to severe pain in muscles, person suffering from this disorder feel tired and lethargic. Muscle weakness is also experienced by the person having enlarged thyroid glands. So, whenever this symptom is experienced by you, it is always recommended to consult health physician immediately.
  • Dizziness: Another common symptom of enlarged thyroid gland is dizziness. It is caused because the blood veins get obstructed. Another cause of dizziness is sudden head jerks. If you experience dizziness then there is definitely something wrong with your health. This symptom does not occur but also accompanied with low concentration and a feeling of confusion.
  • Wheezing: Wheezing is nothing but a high-pinched sound, which is caused just because of the narrowing of the wind pipe. This is one of the most common and obvious symptom of enlarged thyroid gland.
  • Swelling: Another addition is the list of common symptoms of enlarged thyroid is swelling. Due to swelling, wind pipe get obstructed and thus results in cough and other breathing problem as well.
  • Shortness of Breath: Due to swelling in wind pipe, the problem of shortness in breath is very common and obvious. The condition is even worse when there is a severe in the throat.
  • Other Symptoms: Hoarseness, neck lumps, gagging; bowel obstructions are few another common symptoms that are usually witnessed by the person who is suffering from this medical condition.

So, these are the few common symptoms of enlarged thyroid gland. Though these symptoms are not very serious, but proper treatment on time is must for avoiding further health complications. If you witness any of the above symptoms then immediately consult your doctor and stay fit and healthy!

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