Summer DIY Recipes For Home-Made Hygiene Products


Summer DIY Recipes For Home-Made Hygiene Products

The other S word for Summer is Sweat, which is like mostly a by-product to the season, and especially if you living a tropical region where humid summers are a real thing. Sweating is one of the grossest of the thing, which we are almost unable to help, but which can be controlled with some hygiene care one puts up with on daily basis.

A shift from winter to summer is rather drastic. One must actually change their routines and way of dressing. So many hygiene and skin care products also need to be changed for the shift of air and environment. While in winter we require creams and moisturizers to keep our skin shining and away from dryness. It’s the pretty opposite during the Summers where do you the heat we need creams that will keep the moisture off our skin.

Products in the markets can be pretty costly, and we all are so unaware of the fact that how easy and accessibility homemade skin care products are. They are quick and easy to make and involve everything that is already available in your kitchen.



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