A Tutorial to get the Humma Humma Shorts for Your self

A Tutorial to get the Humma Humma Shorts for Your self

The one fashion trend that is been loved by numerous female population is the Bohemian style clothing. Every fashion enthusiast too is also loving the flow of flowers and laces. Bohemian Clothing is basically flowy, loose unlike body-fitted stuff, easy to carry, light weighted and filled with traditional prints or flowers along with laces or pom-poms or tassels. Basically, it is anything but formal. The easiness of the outfits and splash of colors in attracting numerous folks into it. Usually they were considered as the Beach wear attires or a hippie culture outfit alone.

Now, the fashion is so accepted that heroines in Bollywood movies are repeatedly seen wearing the outfits that comes under the Bohemian section. Recently, Shraddha Kapoor rocked one such shorts in the movie, Ok Jaanu’s Song– Humma Humma, which was loved by everyone who saw the song.

Thus, here is a tutorial to get similar kind of shorts shared Sejal Kumar and she also shows how to create numerous outfits out of it.


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