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Save Yourself a Little from The Stress of Laundry Day with These Hacks

Laundry day is enough of a hassle. You have to deal with dirty socks, colors bleeding over, getting the detergent right, figuring out how much bleach, and making sure your items don’t sour or wrinkle after sitting too long. The laundry room… how it gets away with being called that we will never understand. It […]

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Homemade Mixture that Promise a good Riddance from Stubborn Dirt Clots

With the arrival of March, we can finally bid adieus to Winter weather only for them to arrive after six-seven months periods. For now, we have the freshness of the spring season to welcome with it’s blooming greening and refreshing shine and skip in the flow of the winds. While winter’s gulps everyone in it’s […]

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Stay Classy and Comfortable even in Your Pregnancy just like Kareen Kapoor Khan Did.

Kareena Kapoor Khan made a life changing statement for bollywood with her maternity outfits. While usual actresses and model went out on hide out once they were informed by their Gynecologist that they are expecting a baby, recently actresses have been breaking the norms and going out with a proud and emerging bumps without any […]

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Here’s How you can Pump up Some Energy to Walk the Path of Productivity

As much as everyone loves having fun and doing nothing, it can take a serious toll on oneself after a point of time. We have been there when for a long run, we did nothing but loiter around and that really can be harmful to one’s Mental and Physical health. Thus, we strongly believe in […]

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Power To Create, Nurture & Transform