Ditch Your Black Blazer For A New White One (Six Outfit Ideas)


Ditch Your Black Blazer For A New White One (Six Outfit Ideas)

Have you passed your school? In College or already Working? If it’s a Yes to any of these we are sure you do own a blazer of your own, or maybe more than one definitely. But, generally when we go out to buy a blazer we play really safe and most of us end up buying a plain Black blazer. This conscious act of safety leads to everyone getting in uniformity and also resulting of color in the room.

But, how about we get out of that safe zone and play a little risky and buy ourselves a white blazer. We know all the thoughts that are already flooding in your brain with the screeching of wearing white. But how about going out breaking stereotypes and also bringing in some twist in the usual after all thats what fashion and styling is all about.

Thus, here Popxo again helps us with Six outfits we can put together with the help of a White Blazer and we are sure you will yourself go out and bring out more amazing outfit ideas.


So now that you have enough outfits laid out to you go spend on some Chic yet Plain White Blazer.


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