Some serious-big-criminal mistakes by celebrities

Some serious-big-criminal mistakes by celebrities

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Whoever said celebrities do not make mistake is utter BS. Some celebrities have a criminal record while laddering up the stardom tower. Yes, celebrities commit mistakes. After all they are also human. But some of them have committed real big mistakes, rather criminal mistakes. Here is a shocking list of celebrities with a criminal record.

Lets start with Mathew Broderick. Driving into a wrong lane back in Ireland, Broderick caused a head on collision that ended up killing other driver and a passenger on the spot. The Godzilla actor was charged with a fine of $175 and charged with careless driving.

Tim Allen was arrested at 25 for drug possession. He ended up in jail for a period of 2.5 years. But after his release he has become quite successful and responsible. But again in 1997, he was charged for driving under influence. And for this time he was sentenced for a year to a rehab.

The multi billionaire, Bill Gates, was charged for driving without a license and that to for speeding in 1975. And then he committed the same mistake in 1977 only this time failing to stop at a stop sign.
This may sound totally unbelievable but Jay Z was known to get into a fight at a night club and stab a man in the stomach. Since then, Queen Bee’s hubby was sentenced to a three year probation. The cute guy of Hollywood, Mathew McConaughey was charged for the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. This happened somewhere in the 1999. Later on the drug charges were dropped but then he ended up paying a fine for a noise complaint which lead to the investigation.

Woody Harrelson was arrested for dancing in the streets. No he was not naked or something. He was not sent to jail but ended up paying a fine. And lastly, Bruno Mars was arrested for possession of cocaine in 2010. The singer ended up paying a fine of $2000 and 200 hours of community service.

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